About Us

 A quartet of alien tourists from the  Natural Theatre Company  observe our ways, Gateshead, 2003

A quartet of alien tourists from the Natural Theatre Company observe our ways, Gateshead, 2003

Meta-4 is an independent photo agency based in the North of England with offices in Sheffield and Newcastle Upon Tyne.

It's principal photographers, Mark Pinder and Darren O'Brien, have over three decades of combined experience working as professional photographers with a wide range of interests encompassing everything from editorial photojournalism, through TV stills, the visual and performing arts, business and industry, portraiture, politics, and social and environmental issues for a very broad client base ranging from newspapers and magazines through charities, NGO's, trade unions. b2b contract publishers, and PR companies.

Photographers regularly work in environments which call for great sensitivity and tact, and at Meta-4, we strive to uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviour, both personal and corporate. We understand that a photographer on assignment is an ambassador for their client, and it is important to us that social skills and sensitivity are as professionally valued as the resulting imagery or ability to reliably meet deadlines.

Whilst Meta-4 is a business, there are some areas of commercial activity that we will report on and document, but not work for, such as providing PR services or corporate photography to companies involved in arms, tobacco, alcohol, gambling or high interest lending, for example. Nor will we accept work that may put us in breach of the IPSO Editors Code of Conduct without an explicit public interest justification.

As an agency run by photographers, for photographers, we aim to offer some of the fairest and most ethical partnership deals in the industry to our network of experienced and often specialist contributing photographers. If you have a need for something esoteric or out of the ordinary, please contact us. Whilst it might be out of our own core areas of speciality, we will know someone who can help.

We hope that you like what you see here, and if you're in the market for an independent photo agency providing a friendly, professional bespoke service for your photography needs, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can can help.